Drivers’ working time analysis has never been so simple and intuitive.

Tachospeed is the most professional software for automatic reading and interpretation of driving times, rest periods, breaks and on-call times from an analogue tachograph’s charts as well as drivers’ cards and digital tachographs (including GPS data).


It contains a number of functionalities and reports, including the Road Transport Inspectorate report (Regulation 561/2006, AETR) as well as a payroll module for easy settlement of gross wages on the basis of all record components and minimum wage calculators for many European countries.
Thanks to its reliability, Tachospeed is used in Europe by more than 7,000 transport companies and companies settling the working time of drivers, as well as by 20 inspection bodies, including Police, road transport inspection bodies, tax administration bodies, border guard.

Benefits and functions
  • analysis of infringements under Regulation 561/2006 (e.g. exceeding continuous driving time without proper break, lack of necessary daily and weekly rest, fulfilment of crew driving conditions, proper rest at a ferry crossing, tachograph selector error and others)
  • the most accurate infringement detection algorithm in Europe developed by the road transport inspector and active members of CORTE and the Tachograph Forum (DG Move)
  • complete visual presentation of infringement analysis
  • complete compliance with TRACE and CORTE guidelines
  • classification of the company for inspection based on the number of serious and very serious infringements
  • detection of infringements of the Drivers’ Working Time Act and Directive 2002/15/EC
  • refueling settlement module
  • importing activities from SafeStore, ComboClient3, CMA, Transics
  • issuance of attestation letters 561/2006
  • interactive activity preview
  • speed analysis based on digital file from a tachograph
  • manual input of driver activity
  • important dates reminder
  • scanning the charts with a flatbed scanner
  • importing the chart images saved in jpg, png, bmp and tiff formats
  • processing the chart image into activity
  • digitization of analogue data including driving time, other work, driver readiness and stopover time
  • detecting the duration and type of activity on the charts
  • detecting the distance travelled recorded on a chart
  • assigning a driver, vehicle registration number, places and dates of insertion and removal of a chart from a tachograph
  • editing detected driver activity
  • editing charts saved in the database
  • importing data from a driver’s card,  directly from a reader or a tachograph
  • verifying the digital signature of files from the driver’s card and a tachograph
  • verifying the compliance of structure of digital files with Annex 1B of Regulation 3821/85
  • importing digital files in the following extensions: .ddd, .esm, .dtc, .dtg, .tgd, .a1b, .v1b, .c1b, .c1v, .ttp, .thg
  • detecting driving periods with no driver’s card inserted into the tachograph
  • reading driver card data with a chip card reader (smart card reader)
  • saving driver card data to a file compliant with Annex 1B of Regulation 3821/85
  • assigning unknown periods of time from the tachograph to a selected driver
  • speed data analysis with accuracy up to 0.25[s]
  • extended speed data analysis contained in the “S” type file (only for Continental VDO tachographs)
  • generating a calibration report
  • generating a company lockout report
  • generating requests for leave
  • scanning charts with an ADF scanner
  • inspection report with additional labels supporting interpretation of data
  • generating a control protocol on the road according to the guidelines of the road transport inspection bodies and Police
  • choose one of three methods of identification of infringements of continuous driving
  • editing digital data entered into the program
  • transferring the data, when driving on some else’s driver card
  • detailed report comparing the data from a digital tachograph and a driver’s card
  • generating risk assessment for road transport
  • generating risk assessment of reputation loss
  • generating a list of most serious infringements
  • additional summary of digital file import from the tachograph including potential tampering
  • additional summary of digital file import from the driver card containing the list of infringements of Regulation 561/2006
Charts – clear, simple and transparent

With advanced detection and image interpretation algorithms, Tachospeed automatically reads the information on the scanned tachograph charts, such as distance travelled and tachograph mode during a given period. Tachospeed reads and decrypts the data in files downloaded from drivers’ cards and from the internal memory of European digital tachographs Siemens VDO, Stoneridge, Actia, Efkon and Russian digital tachographs Strih, Mercury and more.

Tachospeed presents the collected information in a simple and transparent form of reports and a convenient calendar preview. Algorithms analyzing exceeded working time of drivers under the provisions of Regulation 561/2006 and the AETR International Agreement are based on rates prevailing in Europe.

Tachospeed thoroughly prepares the companies for inspection by the road transport inspection and the national labor inspection. Thanks to regular monitoring of working time, the program’s user can eliminate mistakes made by their drivers. With Tachospeed, preparing a correct work time record is extremely easy. The provisions of the Working Time Act for drivers are included in a transparent report of the working time records, which is generated in a fully automatic manner.

System requirements
  • Operating system:
    – Microsoft Windows 7/8/10
    – Linux (you may run the program yourself using the Wine software)
    – Attention! It is not possible to install Tachospeed on MacOS X but it is possible to install it on Apple computers. All you need is to run Windows via Bootcamp or Parallels software and then install our software.
  • 2GHz CPU
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 300 MB of hard drive space
  • CD-ROM drive
  • USB port
  • chart scanner (300 DPI) and/or driver card reader
  • display with a 1024×768 resolution (recommended resolution 1920×1080)
  • LAN network card (for multi-user version)
  • Internet connection for program updates
  • Phone or internet connection for program activation
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