TachoTerminal App

TachoTerminal App is a modern solution that enables downloading data from a driver card via a mobile phone and sending digital files by email.

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TachoTerminal Pro 2

TachoTerminal PRO 2 is a modern device for downloading data from driver cards and digital tachograph, combining the advantages of compact transfer keys.

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TachoTerminal Pro 1

TachoTerminal PRO 1 allows downloading data from a digital tachograph and a driver card via a tachograph. The main advantage of TachoTerminala PRO 1 is…

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TachoTerminal Pro Zero 

TachoTerminal PRO ZERO is a modern device with which you can easily download data from the driver card directly to the device.

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TachoTerminal Reader

Among the features that distinguish the TT Reader from other similar solutions, the user’s attention will certainly be drawn by the size of the device…

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D-Box 2

D-Box 2 is a universal tachograph reader with a built-in card reader and a display. The reader enables downloading data from all devices available on the market.

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TachoDrive 5

TachoDrive 5 is the optimal solution for bigger number of vehicles. This type of reader allows reading data from both cards and tachograph memory, in the case of …

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TachoDrive One

TachoDrive ONE is the latest version of the professional key for downloading data from the tachograph / card – TachoDrive, which allows you to meet the statutory requirements for the download and..

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Tachospeed Kiosk

TachoKiosk is a device that responds to the needs of drivers of transport companies in meeting the requirements of working time…

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Training Case

For people training in the use of tachographs, it is very important to know many devices and be able to use several types of tachographs.

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Digital tachograph simulator

Software that allows you to conduct online training on working with digital tachographs.

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Professional device for scanning tachograph discs
Plustek ADF 286

Plustek SmartOffice PS286 is a fast and compact size duplex scanner which additionally offers the ability to scan credit cards and…

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Canon CanoScan

This LiDE 300 scanner, designed for novice users, is equipped with EZ buttons and allows you to easily carry out tasks…

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